Jodie-Tilbury Fowler, Artist

Hello Jodie Tilbury-Fowler. Where are you from originally?


What did you do there?

I was a Family Support Worker for a charity that supported children and families affected by others drug and alcohol misuse.

How did you become interested in art and painting?

I have been drawing and painting since a child and have always loved art. During school I loved painting, sculpture and photography, but had to choose a specialism at university and I chose painting.

What brought you to Lanzarote?

My parents moved here 5 years ago. My dad died suddenly last year so we moved here to be close to my mum.

What work do you have in The Elements Exhibition?

Three paintings:

“Waters” (Oil painting) which was part of a series of paintings on pregnancy.
“The Flood” (Oil painting) which was part of a series of paintings on water distortion
“Perpetual Motion” (Acrylic painting) a study of motion and colour captured by digital photography.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

Several things. I continue to paint and draw portraits, and animals, but I am also working on using found material to explore outdoor art and using mixed media. I’m also playing around with Henna painting.

Is there a theme to your work?

There are several. People, animals, patterns, colour, form, chiaroscuro, shape, material, texture…The only thing that doesn’t really capture my imagination is landscape because I always felt photography captured that so much better than I could paint it!

Do you offer art related courses or workshops on the island or anywhere else?

I’m running a summer arts camp in Playa Blanca for children. After which there should be some adult art classes popping up.

What’s your goal for your work?

To continue trying new things and develop ideas rather than get stuck doing the same thing over and over…

What is your scariest art moment?

I was commissioned to paint an 8 x 10 metre back drop for the celebrity stage at the London exhibition “Destinations 99”. This was immense! I hired a studio space but it was tiny so the only way to a paint it was a quarter at a time. The painting was on material so when I took it down to London I put it in a suitcase and arrived at Earl’s Court not knowing what the whole painting would look like until it was hung up on the stage. It was a success though!

What’s your favorite thing about Lanzarote?

Having the time to make art again and being involved with the creative community here.



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