Matthew William Scott: Stone Balancing

Hello Matthew Scott, where are you from originally?

Bradford, Yorkshire, UK

What did you do there?

I have also lived in London and Barcelona. In London I worked at the Circus Space National School of Circus Theatre as Box Office Manager and Head of Reception. In Barcelona I performed as a Mime / Living Statue on Las Ramblas and after some poor experiences working with theatrical agents doing the same there, I started to tour and represent Living Statue Shows and Competitions around mainland Spain independently. Back in Yorkshire I was member of a number of Street Theatre Companies touring shows around the UK and in Europe.

How did you become interested in art, photography and stone balancing?

After predominantly science based ‘A’ levels – Physics, Computer Science etc. I realised that I did not want to be a computer programmer. So, instead of going to study Computer Science at University as I was expected to do, I started to re-visit my artistic roots (my drawings of nature were celebrated and exhibited back in Middle School). I was inspired by the potential of C.G.I imagery but after 5 years of academic study and other experiences, I felt a bigger need to be expressive and turned toward more conceptual art combining Live Art and Installation in my Fine Art degree show back in Hull. Stone Balance Art was inspired and nurtured by my present rocky environment here in Lanzarote.

Have you always been interested in that subject? How did you find out you liked that medium?

Land Art was always attractive to me. I remember seeing works by Andy Goldsworthy whilst hiking in the Yorkshire Dales. Stone Balance art happens to tick a number of boxes – Contemplative / Meditative, Creating Outdoors, Connecting with the nature of our environment.

What brought you to Lanzarote?

I was invited by the Ayto. de Haría to show an ensemble group of Mime / Living Statues from Las Ramblas (I was living in Barcelona back then). We performed during the Christmas Market back in 2008. I made some remarkable friends very quickly and since I had no big ties with Barcelona, decided to give me and the Island a chance to get on together.

What work do you have in the Elements Exhibition?

2 framed prints of Stone Balance Creations.

Are you working on anything else at the moment?

I continue to create Stone Balance Art and also Mime / Living Statue characters. I also do web design.

Is there a theme to your work?


Do you offer art related courses or workshops on the island or anywhere else?

I offer Stone Balance Workshops when the weather is apt (wind isn’t a good factor when balancing stones precariously). I will be delivering a Workshop in Crete in the last 2 weeks of September this year.

What’s your goal for your work?

For me to feel more balanced. It’s cathartic and I like to challenge peoples perceptions of what can be done.

What is your scariest art moment?

Performing as a Living Statue stood half way up a winding staircase in the inauguration of a Hotel in Barcelona. I was directly above the Mayor of Barcelona who was delivering his speech below. It was so hot, the sweat was literally dripping off my nose and onto the Mayors head. Or Perhaps being punched in the face whilst being a Living Statue at the Edinburgh Festival. I was of course just being still, until that moment.

What’s your favorite thing about Lanzarote?

Lots. The quality of the air. The healthy living. The sea, the rocks of course, the feeling of knowing the exact limits to the land mass on which I am residing. Arriving / returning by plane and seeing those limits from the air. The fact that the geography puts a physical limit to the place. However, although I like this aspect, I tend to appreciate it more after leaving and coming back to it. Oh and the Sweet Potatoes.

Matthews work can be seen at Barstro Restuarant, Nazaret, along with the photography and art work of 14 other artists, until the end of August 2015.

Matthew William Scott Stone Balancing
Matthew William Scott
Stone Balancing

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